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Advanced CEL Course Featured in Arts and Communications News

Islamic-CenterProfessor Deborah Hutton’s Islamic Art class, which included an Advanced CEL component, was recently featured on TCNJ’s School of the Arts and Communication site. See the whole story here.

As part of its commitment to sustaining and enhancing the communities in which TCNJ’s students live, all TCNJ students participate in a Community Engaged Learning experience. Often called service learning, Community Engaged Learning (CEL) incorporates community-based experiences into courses and co-curricular activities.

CEL aligns the educational and scholarly activities of TCNJ with the interests and needs of community organizations and members in order to enrich learning opportunities for TCNJ faculty and students. Advanced Community Engaged Learning courses are upper-level, discipline-specific courses that integrate a community-based component that applies knowledge and skills learned through the course content to a social issue or problem. At TCNJ, Bonners and staff at the Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research develop CEL projects with community partners that incorporate service, learning, and reflection, with the goal to develop students into life-long actively engaged community members.

For more information about Community Engaged Learning at TCNJ and the Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research, email, call 609.771.2548, or visit our website at