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TCNJ & ASA Students Recognize Black History Month

Greg Grant’s Academic Sports Academy (ASA) is a non-profit organization that provides after-school programming for elementary and middle school students.  As a Community Partner with The College of New Jersey Bonner Scholar program, Bonner Scholars who are interested in tutoring and mentoring activities have the opportunity to attend ASA on a daily basis to aide and develop programming.  

Recently, students from ASA joined TCNJ Bonner Scholars and Community Engaged Learning (CEL) students for an opportunity to see the new movie, Black Panther, while learning his

tory in the process.  The day began with ASA students arriving on campus to participate in an ice breaker with First-Year CEL participants, and TCNJ Bonner Scholars and to view a powerpoint presentation which focused on Black History Month, covering topics such as Black Internationalism and Pan-Africanism. At the conclusion of the presentation, the group traveled to see Marvel’s Black Panther at AMC Theatres in Hamilton, NJ.  The students from ASA were all very excited about the movie and left the whole day with positivity.

One ASA student said: “After we played the game one of the college students showed us a slide about black power. It was a nice slide about black power, and how black lives matter.” Another discussed how the movie was amazing and worth seeing.”

At the conclusion of the day, TCNJ Bonner Scholars and First-Year CEL Students were able to reflect together and make connections between the powerpoint presentation and the movie.