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Cecilia Robinson, PresidentThe Company


“Advancing Communities through Engaged Education”

Grounded in TCNJ’s mission to “empower its diverse students, staff, and faculty to sustain and enhance their communities,” as well as TCNJ’s commitment to the public purpose of higher education, TCNJ’s Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research develops lifelong learners who are prepared to lead lives of critically informed community engagement. We do this by delivering learning experiences and research opportunities that connect TCNJ students and faculty with community partners in reciprocal collaborations. These collaborations enhance the ability of participants and organizations to understand and address the contexts and causes of community-identified concerns.


TCNJ’s CELR Center will be a national leader in integrating community engagement throughout TCNJ’s educational and scholarly activities by building on local and regional assets and relationships.


  • Engaged Learning: We deliver educational experiences that provide individuals and groups opportunities to participate in and reflect upon civic and community engagement.
  • Social Change: We create meaningful and innovative experiences that contribute to lasting benefits for communities and that challenge systemic injustices and inequalities.
  • Collaboration: We build reciprocal relationships with diverse community-based organizations to develop sustainable partnerships and projects that mutually benefit all participants.
  • Full Participation: We create opportunities and environments in which individuals from diverse backgrounds are able to participate meaningfully and effectively.