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Bonner Community Scholars


The Bonner Community Scholars program is a four-year student and community development program that provides its participants with opportunities to enhance their own skills while promoting positive change and receiving an education. TCNJ Bonners:  

  • Are an intentionally diverse group of approximately 100 students  
  • Complete 300 hours of service each academic year, resulting in about 150 hours per semester (CEL coordination, service site, meetings)
  • Serve at 20+ sites in the community
  • Participate in a student leadership developmental model
  • Receive 50-100% tuition scholarship based on need

TCNJ Bonners are divided into 4 issue-based divisions, each of which has 3-5 teams serving with a community partner. Bonners lead the First-year CEL experiences, coordinating more than 1400 first-year students on 8-hour community engaged learning projects. In addition, Bonners work with Bonner Volunteers, non-Bonner TCNJ students who serve with our partners.

Bonner Community Scholars