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CELR Center staff work closely with faculty members to create meaningful and academically rigorous experiences for students. The following levels of support are available for faculty interested in integrating CEL into their courses.

Project Development

  • Brainstorming project ideas.
  • Matching with community partner(s).
  • Developing schedule of visits.

Course Integration

  • Developing a grading rubric.
  • Introducing project and goals to class.
  • Developing reflection assignments or activities.
  • Suggesting readings.


  • Providing transportation to and from partner site.
  • Assigning dates, taking attendance, managing contingencies.
  • Liaising with community partner.

Assessment and Follow-Up

  • Developing an assessment.
  • Shaping final deliverable.
  • Following up with community partner.
  • Refining project for future semesters.