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Community Initiatives

The CELR Center coordinates relevant and focused college-community collaborations that provide TCNJ faculty, staff, and students opportunities to work on long-term, community-based projects that build on and contribute to academic knowledge.

Connect Trenton

Connect Trenton serves as a referral source and connection point for out-of-school youth services for students at Trenton Central High School – 9th Grade Academy in order to increase student attendance, increase student academic achievement, increase student safety, provide support to school staff, and create an access point to community partners. For more information, visit Connect Trenton’s website.

Capital City Youth Violence Coalition (CCYVC)

TCNJ’s CELR Center has facilitated CCYVC (formerly TPPB) since 2011. Started in 2009, CCYVC’s mission is to make and implement policy, program, and practice recommendations to promote positive youth development and prevent juvenile delinquency in the City of Trenton. TCNJ’s and the Center’s role has been to serve as facilitators of CCYVC as the “backbone organization” that coordinates diffuse efforts around youth-related issues. CCYVC has involved students, faculty members, and staff members throughout its operations. As part of the state-wide Municipal Planning Board initiative from the NJ Attorney General’s Office of Community Justice, CCYVC is one of 8 youth-focused policy boards supported by higher education institutions in communities throughout New Jersey.  For more information, visit CCYVC’s website and Facebook page.

Mercer County Reentry Task Force

The Mercer County Reentry Task Force is a group that aims to build a safer and more just Mercer County through advocacy, awareness building, and collaborative action.  The Task Force’s vision is that individuals returning home from the correctional system will have the resources, guidance, and support to break the cycle of crime, achieve personal fulfillment, and strengthen their communities. The College of New Jersey connects student interns to the group who provide research and administrative support while earning academic credit. Find more information on their website and their Facebook page.