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FY CEL Class-Based Projects

Each year, approximately 40 professors integrate community engaged learning projects into their First Year Seminar (FSP) courses with staff and Scholars from the Bonner Institute for Civic and Community Engagement. The projects draw a connection between the learning objectives of the course and a specific community need or interests. For a full list of FSP courses being offered this fall, visit the FSP Courses page. The following is a sample of projects that have been completed in previous years at TCNJ.

The Mass Appeal of YA Fiction – Professor Madeline Anthes

Students in this course conducted a read-aloud and writing project with the 4th, 5th and 6th graders from Academic Sports Academy. Students visited ASA three times. On the second and third visit TCNJ students supported ASA’s read aloud initiative by reading excerpts from Harry Potter when Harry discovers his magic, and then worked with the students to write their own short stories about discovering magic.

Shakespeare and Film – Professor Maureen Connolly

This course explored four themes common to Shakespeare’s work: Mental Health, Suicide, Prejudice and Bias, and Healthy Relationships. For each topic, a speaker from TCNJ came to share information with the class about how this issue exists on TCNJ’s campus and what resources students should know about to prevent it. In groups, the students created a bulletin board for each issue in Travers-Wolfe to share the information with other first-year students. Each of the boards was up for several weeks.

The Digital Domain – Professor Janet Mazur

Students volunteered at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) for one session each. Working with TASK’s IT coordinator, the students split up into groups and developed/facilitated computer literacy lessons for TASK patrons. This experience allowed for students to observe the “digital divide”.

What Does it Mean to Be American? – Professor Kim Pearson

As part of the course, the students completed two projects: “My America” and “Our America”. For the My America project, students were asked to reflect on their own history and for the Our America project, the students were asked to gain a historical perspective of some aspect of America from someone else’s perspective. The students worked in groups and interviewed a patron at Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) for the topic related to their project.

First-Year Seminar Program Courses: 2017

  • Anthes, Madeline The Mass Appeal of YA Fiction
    Harris, Lynette N. Gender and the Workplace
    Webber, Kathleen The Ethics and Sustainability of the Global Fashion Industry
    Roe, Lisa Are We What We Eat? Food, Culture and Identity
    Raskin, Donna History Through Film and Literature
    Edwards, Mark Imprisoned Minds: Philosophy & Religion from Jail
    Heddy, Eileen Sustainability, Society and Justice
    McCauley, Lawrence Planet Frankenstein: Reading Environment Globally
    Kartoz, Connie R., & Byrne, Sharon Global Representation of Healthcare and Professions in Media: 1950-Present
    Bonfanti, Bryana The Art and Study of Peer Mentorship
    Clark, Kristen Rebel Girls and Social Change
    Connolly, Maureen Shakespeare and Film
    Hallback, Dionne Communication and Gender
    Katz, Allen Introduction to Amateur Radio
    Rana, Avani Leaders Are Made, Not Born: Leadership Development at TCNJ
    Pearson, Kim What Does it Mean to Be American?
    Tang, Lynn The $100 Startup
    Stillman, David Language, Languages, and Society
    Anthony, Helene The Pursuit of Happiness
    Rao, Shri Ability and Disability: Deconstructing the Social and Cultural Gaze-Course
    Atzeni, Samantha The Hero and Trauma
    Becker, Karen REFUGEE CRISIS: Movement, Identity, People and Politics
    Clydesdale, Tim The Bible: America’s Best Selling Book
    Deaver, Karen The Arts as a Force for Social Change: American Movers and Shakers Since 1900
    Mazur, Janet The Digital Domain
    McCrary, Todd The Evolution of African American Gospel Music
    Naples, Michele Alternative Medicine
    Nordquist, Michael Social Justice: Theory, Problems, Practice
    Palmer, Ruth, J. The Politics and Pedagogy of the Civil Rights Movement: Citizenship schools, Freedom Schools and Community Schools
    Petroff, Jerry Human Ability Unplugged
    Scarpati, Antonino Leadership for Social Justice
    Schuler, Amy K Human Abilities Unplugged