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Advanced CEL Proposal and Approval Process

Advanced Community Engaged Learning (ACEL) courses are approved and receive PAWS designation through review by the Community Engaged Learning Council.

The steps for approval are:

  • During the semester prior to teaching an ACEL course, complete the expression of interest form that is emailed to faculty (also available here)
  • CEL staff will contact you to discuss your course, brainstorm ideas, and begin completing the ACEL Designation proposal
  • Complete the ACEL Designation proposal and submit it to the CEL Council chair (current chair is listed here)
  • Form must be submitted three working days prior to the final meeting of the CEL Council of the semester before you intend to teach the class
  • CEL Council will review your proposal, evaluating it based on:
    • degree to which the CEL learning outcomes are addressed through curricular components
    • quality and depth of proposed integrated reflection
    • mutual benefits for students and community partners
  • CEL Council will communicate with applicants no more than one week following the CEL Council meeting after the proposal was received.
    • If approved, the course will receive ACEL designation on PAWS for the selected semester
    • If denied, recommendations will be provided to the applicant along with an opportunity to revise and resubmit the designation form prior to the beginning of the semester