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Internship Opportunities


Applications for the Fall 2018 Community-Based Academic Internship cohort are now open. Please contact the Internship Coordinator at for more information, or visit the Center for Community Engaged Learning & Research, Forcina 337.

About the Program
How to Apply

A Better Way

A Better Way specializes in helping community members find a better way to live. A Better Way was created by law enforcement officers and mental health professionals who noticed that youth at risk for incarceration and previously incarcerated individuals and their families have the least job training and lowest rate of employment. Individuals and families that would otherwise be a burden on the taxpayer can find resources and support from A Better Way. Our work in transitioning these clients and their families into self-sufficiency saves taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. A Better Way is headquarted in Mercer County, New Jersey and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Issue area: Criminal Justice, Prisoner Reentry

Anchor House

Anchor House provides food, emergency housing, clothing — and hope — for hundreds of runaway and homeless teens every year — offering a beacon of survival for youth throughout the Mercer County area. Our houses and outreach programs work with youth and families in need to begin the process of mending the broken links and putting the family back together. When reunification is not possible, we make sure the youth moves to a safe place. We provide a safe haven for babies and children who must be removed from their homes, and encourage volunteers to become foster parents to children who cannot return to their families. If an older youth is homeless, we offer a safe place to live and the opportunity to learn the skills needed to start a stable, independent adult life. We reach out to the community to prevent runaway episodes and homelessness and to get youth off the streets when they have left home.

Issue area: Homelessness, Youth Advocacy

Anti-Poverty Network

The Anti-Poverty Network of New Jersey (APN) is a diverse and growing network focused on preventing, reducing, and ending poverty in New Jersey. Poverty impacts all aspects of society, and therefore all interested partners are welcomed to join and to participate in our collaborative change efforts. Through focus on empowerment of all anti-poverty stakeholders, from individuals to organizations, the network focuses on systemic change that can truly advance the fight against poverty.

Issue area: Poverty, Public Policy

Bonner Institute for Civic and Community Engagement

The Bonner Institute at The College of new Jersey is responsible for mobilizing faculty, students, and staff to help sustain and advance the communities in which we live. The Institute finds mission-consistent ways to improve the quality of life for all in our surrounding communities.

It cultivates the common ground that exists between the educational mission of the College and the needs of non-profit organizations and neighborhoods; it does so by creating teaching and learning opportunities that simultaneously build the capacity of TCNJ students and these group and communities. Students become more knowledgeable, skilled, and civic-minded while community partners gain additional resources to effectuate positive change.

Issue area: Volunteerism, Community Engagement

Community Engaged Learning (CEL) Assessment Intern

Communications Intern (Coming Soon)

Center for Child and Family Achievement

Families must be engaged in order to meet the total needs of children as they transition through grades K-12. The cultivation of a culture of education excellence within the family stimulates the values that will drive anticipated and expected outcomes for the City’s children. Critical is the creation of an expectation in the minds of policy makers and program planners that children living in poverty can and will succeed – with the right supports.

The Center for Child and Family Achievement believes that parents and children can learn together, seeks to inspire and to develop stronger academic achievement in children living in poverty from Kindergarten through High School graduation, by addressing the total needs of the family.

Issue area: Education, Mentoring, Public Policy

Crisis Ministry

The Crisis Ministry’s integrated services form a trusted community presence and stabilizing force for low-income families and individuals across Mercer County. Whether experiencing food insecurity, facing eviction or another housing crisis, or seeking assistance to find employment, neighbors who turn to the Crisis Ministry during a time of need will find a welcoming, positive atmosphere.

Issue area: Homelessness, Hunger Prevention, Housing, Nutrition Education

Ellarslie Mansion (Trenton City Museum)

Through its exhibits, collections, and community programs, the Trenton City Museum preserves and promotes the diverse history, art, and culture of Trenton and the greater Trenton area for the benefit of Trenton residents and visitors. The Trenton City Museum is a model museum working to keep the arts, culture, and history of the community alive and relevant and, as a result, helps redefine the perception of the city of Trenton.

The museum is located in Ellarslie Mansion, an Italianate villa built in 1848. The mansion is the centerpiece of Cadwalader Park, which was designed by the famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, whose most famous work is New York City’s Central Park.

Issue area: Art & Culture, History

Fernbrook Farms

Our mission is to provide hands-on educational experiences for people of all ages by exploring the complex interconnectedness of our natural world. Our purpose is to educate about agriculture, the sources of our food, and the importance of nutrition for healthy lifestyles. We believe people should make meaningful connections with our natural world in order to become responsible stewards of local and global sustainability.

Issue area: Environmental Education, Agriculture, Food Security

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity of Trenton is a Christian ministry that embraces people of all faiths who work in partnership by building decent, affordable housing and by creating healthy, vibrant, and self-respecting communities. We are committed to working with, and not for, people by using the principles of Habitat for Humanity International.

Issue area: Housing Security, Engineering


Founded in 1981, Isles, Inc. is a community development and environmental organization based in Trenton, New Jersey. With a mission to foster self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities, we design and develop effective services that support this mission and share what we learn with others who can make a difference.

Isles offers multiple pathways to self-reliance. For some, the key step is to improve credit; for others, it is to earn a GED and gain job-readiness skills. Some communities convert vacant lots to gardens, others target abandoned buildings and substandard housing, or create redevelopment plans for their future. In each case, we look for practical solutions, offer them to the community, learn from the outcomes, then use what we learn to influence others.

Issue area: Community Development, Housing, Employment, Community Agriculture, Environmental Education

Juvenile Justice Commission

The JJC was established in 1995 by statute to lead the reform of the juvenile justice system in the State of New Jersey. The JJC is the single agency of State government with centralized authority for planning, policy development and provision of services in the juvenile justice system.

Its three primary responsibilities are the care and custody, and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders committed to the agency by the courts, the support of local efforts to provide services to at risk and court involved youth, and the supervision of youth on juvenile parole.

Issue area: Juvenile Justice, Prisoner Reentry, Prevention


Kidsbridge is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing imaginative, hands-on programs focusing on: bullying and cyberbullying prevention; tolerance, diversity appreciation and respect for all persons; victim empowerment and positive self-esteem; conflict resolution and empathy; sensitivity to persons with disabilities; understanding of LGBT persons and grassroots youth activism.

Issue area: Youth Advocacy, Anti-Bullying, LGBT Rights, Tolerance

LALDEF (Latin American Legal Defense & Education Fund)

The Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. (LALDEF) is a grass roots nonprofit organization formed to defend the civil rights of Latin Americans, and facilitate their access to health care and education, as well as to advance cross-cultural understanding in the Mercer County regional area.

LALDEF focuses on the root causes of immigrant marginalization. We seek to empower immigrants to reach self-sufficiency, and thrive, by showing them how to navigate the system and find the resources they need.

Issue area: Legal Services, Public Policy, Immigrant Rights, Mentoring, ESL

Mercer County Reentry Task Force

The Mercer County Reentry Task Force is a collaborative of non-profits, government agencies, and faith-based organizations whose aim is to influence policy and programming for and with men and women returning home from prison. Their collective mission is to build a safer and more just Mercer County through advocacy, awareness building, and collaborative action. Their vision is that home-goers returning to Mercer County will have the resources, guidance, and support to break the cycle of crime, achieve personal fulfillment, and strengthen their communities.

Issue area: Prisoner Reentry, Criminal Justice

MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce

Advocacy: The MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce represents business by taking position on a broad range of federal, state and local issues through lobbying, education, training and partnerships.

Economic Growth: The MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce serves as the liaison among business, government, financial institutions and investors to utilize education, workforce development, arts, entertainment and tourism to promote and sustain economic growth in Central New Jersey.

Relationship Building: Through strong leadership, the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce provides an atmosphere of the business community to connect and collaborate through networking, mentoring and forums.

Issue area: Economic Policy, Workforce Development

New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids

New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids (NJPHK) is a statewide program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) with technical assistance and direction provided by the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance. The goal of the program is to convene, connect and empower community partnerships across the state to implement environment and policy changing strategies that prevent childhood obesity. Community coalitions in Camden, New Brunswick, Newark, Trenton, and Vineland are leading these efforts.

Issue area: Community Development, Public Health, Food Policy, Youth Education

One Simple Wish

In 2006, Danielle Gletow & her husband Joe became foster parents and it changed their lives forever. Watching as an 18 month-old little boy nervously entered their home wearing a coat two sizes too big after being removed abruptly from his abusive home, The Gletows knew they had to do more for children in foster care.

One Simple Wish was born in 2008 to empower more people to support children who’ve been victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment in very simple yet meaningful ways. Children deserve happy childhoods. One Simple Wish creates them.

Issue area: Youth Advocacy

Passage Theatre

At its best, theater transforms – inspires understanding of the rich diversity of the human experience, gives voice to the silent, and dignity to the dispirited. Through the creation and production of theater, we chart a passage to grace – in ourselves, in others, and throughout our community.

Passage Theatre Company is committed to the creation and production of socially relevant new plays and community devised arts programming that transforms the lives of individuals and community.

Issue area: Arts, Community Development

Box Office Managing Assistant (Coming Soon)


The goal of the network is to fill an important gap in our public life: the availability of accurate, balanced, comprehensive information and analysis about the issues that we care about and hope to impact through public policy and civic engagement. We believe colleges and universities can help bridge the divide between engaged citizens, community-based organizations, policymakers, and researchers. The Trenton News Bureau features policy-related news and PolicyOptions Issue Briefs on topics of local interest that draw upon policies and program models from around the country and world. The research is presented to government agencies and policy collaboratives, including the Trenton Prevention Policy Board and the Mercer County Reentry Task Force.

This effort is being led by the Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation based in Princeton, NJ, working initially with its network of 70 colleges and universities that participate in the Bonner Scholar and Bonner Leader Program.

Issue area: Public Policy, Employment, Education, Arts, Criminal Justice, Other

Rescue Mission

The Rescue Mission of Trenton is the agency in the City of Trenton that serves the truly needy men and women who have no place to turn for shelter, food, and clothing. The Mission provides a safe, clean, warm, refuge for the homeless, the hungry, the transient and the addicted.

Issue area: Homelessness, Food Security, Health and Mental Health

Shiloh CDC

The objective of Shiloh Community Development Corporation is to bring about change in the community through the delivery of services that positively affect Education, Community Relations, Crime, Substance Abuse, Health Care, Employment, Housing and Economic development.

Its subsidiaries include the Capital Corridor Family Life Service, Capital Corridor Education Service, Capital Corridor Cultural Arts Service and Capital Corridor Investments, each of which is a 501(c)(3) corporation with its own independent Board of Directors. The prime role of the SCDC is to provide guidance and oversight to its subsidiaries to ensure its mission and vision is achieved.

Issue area: Community Development, Employment, Education, Housing, Health, Reentry, Public Policy

Stony Brook Millstone Watershed

The Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association is central New Jersey’s first environmental group. Since 1949 we’ve worked to protect your water and environment through conservation, advocacy, science and education. We speak out for your water and environment, protect and restore sensitive habitats, test our waterways for pollution and inspire others to care for and protect the natural world. Our goal is to improve the health and quality of central New Jersey’s water and sustain a network of protected habitats for wildlife and people. We have a successful track record of more than 60 years of effective environmental protection.

Issue area: Environmental Justice, Environmental Education, Conservation

Trenton Downtown Association

The Trenton Downtown Association is the non-profit organization that manages the Special Improvement District in downtown Trenton, New Jersey. Since 1986, TDA has offered programs that promote economic growth and development in the capital city. TDA provides ombudsman services, financing information, referrals, public relations consulting, event planning, and marketing assistance for Trenton businesses. Through maintenance of a clean and safe commercial district, support for the arts and cultural heritage, and public policy planning and advocacy, the TDA is leading the revitalization of the City of Trenton.

Issue area: Community Development, Urban Planning, History


The Trenton Free Public Library is home to Trentoniana, an enormous local history and genealogy collection. Trentoniana’s holdings include photographs, manuscripts, trade cards, letters, postcards, diaries and maps that help researchers explore the rich history of Trenton, New Jersey.

Highlights of the collection include the extensive representation of Trenton histories, books, serials, scrapbooks, periodicals, pamphlets, etc. A significant portion of this collection consists of local newspapers (most on microfilm) printed in Trenton from 1778 to the present. Several indexes to parts of the collection are available. Visit Trentoniana in the Trenton Free Public Library.

Issue area: History

UIH Family Partners

For over a decade, UIH Family Partners has been a pioneer of the emerging field of fatherhood programs. The agency’s Father Center, a multicultural parenting education and resource center located at 4 North Broad Street, 2nd Floor Rear, is a place where “fathers learn to become Dads.”

While the Father Center serves men from all walks of life, the majority of the men who participate in its programs are unemployed, non-custodial fathers. Many face systemic barriers to finding and retaining employment that pays a living wage. Through The Father Center, men grappling with numerous challenges are empowered and equipped to play a more active and positive role in their children’s lives, emotionally as well as financially.

Issue area: Fatherhood, Employment, Mentoring, Reentry, Social Services

The Wall

The Wall is dedicated to giving voice to and empowering individuals experiencing homelessness, as well as raising public awareness of the various issues facing the homeless population. Students and community members collaborate twice annually to produce a newspaper “written with and for individuals experiencing homelessness to break down the walls.” The paper features articles, poetry, artwork, and a community resource guide.

Issue area: Homelessness, Journalism, Social Services, Community Development, Art