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Teach First-Year CEL

Are you interested in teaching an Advanced Community Engaged Learning (ACEL) Course or facilitating a First-Year CEL Pilot? If so, reach directly out to Megan Teitelbaum at

First-Year CEL Pilot Updates & Highlights

1,030 students are set to complete the requirement in Fall 2019.

Of the 310 students who have completed the post-survey so far:

  • 88% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: “Overall, this was a valuable experience.”
  • 95% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: “I am aware of multiple social issues and how they are interconnected.”
  • 94% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: “I understand how systems and structures affect group experiences.”

Former CEL Student Quotes:

“I believe being able to be immersed into Trenton’s culture and working with members of its community was the most valuable part for me.”

“The aspects of the CEL experience that were the most valuable were being able to work with my peers towards a common goal of helping the community and getting to see Trenton beyond what I was taught about it.”

“I enjoyed this volunteering experience particularly because it was so out of my comfort…and it made me challenge myself and try something new.”